35% Hydrogen Peroxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Explained

Food Grade simply means that the substance in reference meets or exceeds the standards of quality set forth in the food chemical codex.

The Food Chemical Codex

The Food Chemical Codex is a codex that sets standards, guidelines, rules and regulations concerning food, food products, ingredients and food preparing machines, containers and facilities. Hydrogen Peroxide that is Food Grade or Certified Food Grade has to meet quality standards and the manufacturing  facility inspected.

Hydrogen Peroxide In Food Preparing

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is used in many ways in the preparation of food and food products and containers. The most popular use

would be in the sanitation of container lids and beverage bottles. So you may have read some outdated information posted on an older looking website stating that 35% is the only hydrogen peroxide that can be Food Grade. Well that is entirely untrue, the 34% hydrogen peroxide you purchase from Hydrogen 2o2 is 100% CERTIFIED FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, as is all peroxide we supply. Some people just have a hard time staying up to date with today's fast paced advancements in science and technology and others might frankly be ignorant. Watch out for these sellers online. Our 34% H2O2 is Certified Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.


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