Dilution Reference Chart

Diluting 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is easy.

1 oz 35% diluted with 11 oz distilled water 3%

1 oz 35% diluted with 22 oz distilled water 1.5%

10 oz 35% diluted with 118 oz distilled water 3%

I will expand this post soon.

Shelf Life 35% Hydrogen Peroxide

Although our 35% Hydrogen Peroxide is not “stabilized” with added chemicals when stored in a cool dark area degradation is minimal.

On average a 1% loss over 12 months may be possible.  If possible refrigerating i optimal however not essential.  Always remember to store away from children.

Even during testing leaving a gallon jug in the direct summer Sun for 30 days (not recommended) UV light was filtered by the white HDPE food grade bottle. Bloating of the bottle was not observed and loss was insignificant.  Store in a cool dark place.