Terms And Conditions

“YOU” ,”You” – means the human being reading these words and clicking computer or electronic buttons to initiate the delivery of hydrogen peroxide.

“HYDROGEN 2O2”, “Hydrogen 2o2” , “We” -means any and all humans working and upon request take actions to ship hydrogen peroxide that has the words Hydrogen 2o2 on the label.

“product’s” – means hydrogen peroxide with the words Hydrogen 2o2 on the label.

You place an order and complete the transaction, We ship what You ordered.

By placing an order for any of Hydrogen 2o2’s products You acknowledge that You have knowledge and agree to take necessary actions with the knowledge You have to act accordingly to provide the necessary safety measures  to properly store, handle and use product’s.

We do not accept returns, do to the nature of Hydrogen Peroxide and the shipping regulations. If there is an issue with your order when You receive it please contact us and We will work with You to solve  problems.

It is in our best interest and a goal to maintain satisfied customers and that is what We intend to do.

By placing an order for Hydrogen Peroxide You agree to  100%  full and complete responsibility in the event after receiving  hydrogen peroxide and/or product’s at any concentration what so eve,  any physical harm and or death from the misuse, improper storage ignorance, nescient or not or any and all  negligent mishandling or use for which Hydrogen 2o2, will not be and is not liable or responsible upon YOU receiving and taking possession of ANY of Hydrogen 2o2 PRODUCTS or SERVICES.