Chlorine Alternative For Your Hot Tub

A chlorine alternative or bromine alternative makes sense for a healthier life. A lot of new research has begun to show adverse health risk linked to the use of chlorine as  a water sanitizer. Inhibiting the endocrine system is especially harmful for women.  Just because we’ve used chlorine as a hot tub chemical in the past doesn’t mean we should continue.


35% Spa Science Hydrogen Peroxide can be used as not only an Spa Science 35% Hydrogen Peroxidealternative to chlorine or bromine but as the primary choice for hot tubs and spas! Hydrogen Peroxide has been known and accepted as a sanitizer for many years.

35% Spa Science Hydrogen Peroxide is 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide intended to be used as a water additive in maintaining hot tub water for cleaning purposes..

Soaking in clean oxygen rich water, that 35% Spa Science can offer, is a great way to enjoy your spa.  When diluted properly 35% Spa Science is a non-toxic hot tub chemical and at low concentrations is actually formed naturally in nature and our bodies.  Hydrogen Peroxide is the bodies first defense in fighting off disease. Although this product is not intended to be used typically to cure, diagnose treat or prevent disease it may indirectly achieve the aforementioned by eliminating the use of chlorine and bromine!


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