Can Plants Feel Pain?

Research has been conducted for many years on this topic and evidence supports plants use electricity to responds to adverse conditions just like the human body.

Plants Are Living. Do They Feel Pain Too?

Is the electric impulse in plants interpreted as “pain” like a human interprets select electric nerve impulses? The Pain Gene SCN9A

That is to be determined. Plants seem to lack the gene SCN9A which in humans is responsible for pain.

However plants may use a different gene in experience a more subtle “feeling” of pain during their life. This information is my opinion based on information I have discovered during research.

Scientist have conducted  experiments using low voltage sensors placed on the leaves of a plant.  Logged the data received from the sensors and built a base line.  The plant was the pruned, cutting pieces of and a increase in activity was observed in the data log.

A second type of experiment was conducted using two plants which where separated into two rooms. One plants was chopped up violently. The plant in the other room with the electrical sensors demonstrated an increase in electrical impulses at the precise time the other plant was destroyed.

More evidence was obtain to support plants having some sort of awareness was when a line of people then walked by the remaining plant. One of the people was the researcher who had committed the violent act on the destroyed plant. And guess what? Sure enough when that man walked in front of the plant an increase in  electrical actively was readily observable.

Kind of crazy!


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