Rotten Egg Smell In Your Tap Water

Treating your well once or twice a year has proven effective in reducing or eliminating the “rotten egg smell”  which is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas.

Iron Bacteria And Sulfur Bacteria

Hydrogen sulfide gas is created in large from iron bacteria and sulfur bacteria in ground water deriving energy by feeding on iron, rocks, decaying plants and roots.  The sulfates are chemically changed when used as an energy source off gassing hydrogen sulfide.

Is Iron Or Sulfur Bacteria Toxic?

Iron bacteria and sulfur bacteria, may be responsible for an unpleasant smell at times, generally do not pose a health risk.  Hydrogen sulfide gas can be toxic yet usually doesn’t pose any health hazards at levels commonly found in home water systems.

Eliminating the risk of potential build up of hydrogen sulfide gas is recommending in doing so improving your water system.

Seriously Contaminated Well

A well that is seriously contaminated with multiple contaminates may pose more of a challenge.  Eliminating chemicals  demands different procedures than say disinfecting from coliform bacteria or other health hazards posed from water born pathogens.

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